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Sliding Glass Door Repair

Sliding Door Roller Replacement is a full-service sliding glass door repair company based in the Tampa Bay area. Are you one of the hundreds of homeowners in the Tampa Bay area who struggle every day to open and close your sliding glass door?
A sliding glass door that is not rolling smoothly can be frustrating and even dangerous. The door can catch and cause you to stumble. It can also prevent you and your loved ones from quickly entering or exiting the home in an emergency situation. Many homeowners just “put up with” a damaged door because they don’t realize there is an affordable alternative to buying and installing a new door.

You don't need to purchase new doors. There is a better solution!

Allow us to say it one more time – you don’t need to buy new doors! Why stretch your budget to replace an entire door system, when usually the only parts not working are the rolling mechanism, track and perhaps the locks?

Save Time and Money

Replacing the faulty part of your existing sliding glass doors can save you hundreds of dollars. On average, repairing your sliding glass door will save you 80% of the cost of buying and installing a new sliding glass door system.

It is much faster to repair your current sliding glass door is so much easier than buying a new sliding glass door system.  Compare the tedious process of selecting, buying and installing a new sliding door system with the simple, yet effective process of repairing your current sliding glass door.

There are several types of repairs that will restore your doors to like-new condition. Also, we can add features to your doors to meet your current security and style needs.

Services We Offer

  • Roller Replacements, Upgrades & Installation
  • Track Repair, Upgrades & Installation
  • Sliding Glass Door Adjustments
  • Window Repairs
  • Window Balance Replacements
  • Security Locks for Sliding Glass Doors (Childproof & Burglarproof)
  • Variety of Lock & Handle Upgrades
  • Glass Replacement for Sliding Glass Doors & Windows

Specialized Training

Sliding glass doors are complex products. There are many moving parts that must work together just right for the door to slide smoothly and safely. Properly repairing these doors requires a high degree of specialized training and the highest quality parts.

Your Sliding Door Roller Replacement, Inc technician is not a “handyman” in uniform.  Our technicians are trained sliding glass door specialists with years of experience in getting the job done right.  We work very closely with you, our customer, to ensure that you receive the utmost professional service. You benefit from cost-effective repairs done by the specialist in the field, while you save your hard-earned dollars!

Our team knows a lot about sliding glass doors. We may not be popular at parties with all that door-talk, but we are great to have around when you just can’t take another day of straining to shut your sliding glass door.

Bring Your Door to Us!

Our technicians are available (by appointment) to repair your doors in our shop! Feel free to bring your doors to us and we will repair them for you. We will work on your doors right away, as quickly as possible and you will be able to take the doors with you within a short period of time.

Sliding Door Parts

The local stores only carry a small selection of rollers, tracks, handles, and locks. But we carry a wide variety of options and only the highest quality parts. We customize the hardware and have it specially made to fit all different types of doors in our area. You won’t find this type of quality and variety anywhere else! This assures you that you are getting the best quality product for your doors!
We sell all the parts we stock. We offer rollers, tracks, locks, handles, security locks, window balances and glass for you to purchase in our shop. Feel free to bring the old parts with you and we will be able to provide an upgraded version for the parts that you are looking for. Make sure to call and make sure one of our technicians is in the shop when you decide to stop by and we will help you right away.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

All of our technicians are Licensed, Bonded and Insured. The work carries a Full Guarantee with a One Year Warranty on Labor & Parts on any issues pertaining to the hardware we installed (does not include door falling off the track or customer misuse).

Our Commitment to You:

  • We will earn your trust.  It takes trust to welcome a technician into your home and we are glad to earn it.  We invite you to speak to us about the repair process and ask all the questions you may have.  We bring our family to your family and we treat your home with respect. 
  • We will respect your time. Your time is valuable. When you set aside time to wait for a repair technician, you expect the technician to arrive on time.  This is especially true when you take time off work.  Our schedule is carefully built to be mindful of your time.  We have an excellent record of on time arrival and repairs typically take no more than an hour.
  • We will exceed your expectations. It’s really simple: you expect the job to be done right.  Our technicians receive extensive training in both the technical aspect of the repair and providing our high standard of customer service.  In addition, our technicians carry a wide variety of inventory with them at all times which allows us to service your sliding glass doors on the spot, with only one trip to your home.