Track Repair

SERVICE THAT MATTERS: sliding door Track Repair

Doesn’t it drive you crazy when you open or close your sliding door and you have to use BOTH hands, lean your body into it, and listen to that annoying little grinding sound while it slowly and bumpily drags where you want it? When your sliding glass door is not opening and closing properly, it likely has issues with either the rollers or the track. We will always inspect the rollers on each door. If your sliding door rollers are damaged or inoperable, they can cause the door not to open and close properly. Additionally, they can cause bumps, dents or grooves in the track. Sometimes, we may need to replace the rollers and the track. We do a track repair job cleanly, quickly and efficiently.

Sliding door Track Repair

The track is the backbone of your sliding doors. This is because the door’s ability to glide open or shut totally depends on what goes on inside the two tracks, those little roller freeways along the top and bottom of the door frame. Sliding Doors should slide. When they don’t, they become see-through walls. If your door bumps along the track or jumps it completely when you open and close it or is just hard to pull, there is a good chance you can fix it with a few simple tools and a bit of muscle. 

The bottom track on a sliding glass patio door is an integral part of the frame, and if you need to replace it, you have to cut it off at each end. It’s better to replace the whole frame, but that may seem wasteful if the frame is in otherwise good condition except for the fact that poor drainage has rusted the bottom track, and the door no longer slides.

Want To Fix It Yourself?

Our team is well equipped to tackle any problem your sliding glass door track might be facing, and always prepared to fix your doors right away to help get your sliding doors rolling properly again. Having our trucks fully equipped with a wide variety of tracks and rollers, we will always be prepared to fix your sliding glass doors.

Still want to fix it yourself? We also sell hardware, so bring the rollers to us and we can sell you the correct upgraded roller to replace your old ones.

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